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May 6, 2013
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Hetalia Hunger Games!
Iceland x Reader    Part 1

It was a almost peaceful day in District 12. When I say almost I mean almost. Today was reaping day ..The day every family dreads. Today is the day when The Hunger Games start.
Your Younger sister Lilli was frightened as this was her first ever reaping day. For you it being your second to last being seventeen years old. You were out gathering supplies such as fish bread and corn .. when you heard a suspiscous noise come from te bushes. You grab you bow from your back and aim at the bush.. you were just about to fire when a familiar face popped into your view. He raised his hands in surrender and slowly crawled out of the bush from where he was hiding.
"Emil!" You exclaimed " You bloody scared me you git!" Y ou threw a berry at him in the frustraition.
" Hey look i am sorry . Lukas asked me to also gather supplies!" The Silver haired boy remarked.
Emil Steilsson was the same age as you but just 6 months older. He has been friends with you for 7 years and he was always supportive .
" Need help (name)?" Emil kindly asked.
" yeah i guess so.."
The rest of the morning was spent gathering supplies with your 'Crush' Yeah you had a crush on him but who cares. Anyone would want to go out with that sexy icelandic !

Six Hours later.

Everyone was gathered at the town square hesitantly waiting for the dreaded moment to arive. Your pale palms where drenched in sweat from where you had worried so much , Emil and his two brothers Mathias and Lukas also scared by this occasion. Their mother and father had died in a horrific mine explosion and they had no one to take care of them.

Then a pale faced woman walked happily onto the stage,smiled then spoke.
" Welcome Welcome . The time has come to select one couragous young man and woman for the honour of representing district twelve in the 74th anuual Hunger games!" Effie Trinket walked over to the reaping ball and selected a piece of paper and read the name.

"Emil Steilsson!" Emil's lilac eyes widened at his name being called out . You tapped his back gently , he  smiled then gloomily walked onto the stage.

Her gloved hand then dipped back into the second reaping ball holding all of the possible choices for the girls.
" Lilli Zwingli!"
" Nei! Nei! I.. I voulunter as tribute!" You yelled. The thought of lilli being taken away to fight to her inpending doom was too much for you to handle. The white masked men then dropped lilli and dragged you onto the oak stage.
" Here are our Tributes for the 74th hunger games!"

Effie walked of stage and left a stunned group of murmuring people to their own thoughts.
Lilli ran up to you and tears started to run down her flushed cheeks.
"I dont want you to leave me (name) .. please promise me you will come out alive!"
" I .. I promise lilli .. I love you dont you forget that okay!"
" ja! okay !"
Emil gently turned you around and hugged you as tight as he could whispering sweet nothings in his native tounge in your ear. Lukas and Mathias arrived  and wrapped their arms around the both of you. The thoughts of them losing their beloved little brother still hung deeply in their minds .. forever to be engraved in their brains.
" Lillebror... Please stay safe for us ..!" Lukas cried tears swelling up.
" Emil you do promise right!" Mathias chimed in also crying.
" Ja i promise big brother i will."

The booming siren sounded as a signal to get ready. The wall openend for Emil and You to enter. You both walked in and the wall sounded shut around you.
Other Tributes waited patiently for the countdown. Effies voice could be heard in the speakers.
Finally got this done! :iconyaydenmarkplz:
I decied to do a hunger game iceland x reader because i had read numerous (omg! i USED a BIG WORD!) :iconclapplz: hunger games hetalia fanfics and since icey is my favourite character i did this!


You (c) :iconmotherrussiaplz: or :iconsexyicelandplz:
:iconsexyicelandplz: , :iconsexydenmarkplz: and :iconsexynorwayplz: (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:

Translations (c) ME! :iconyayfinlandplz: (yeah i speak Norwegian , Danish, icelandic and finnish! :iconamericadancingplz:

So bye and enjoy! :iconpartyhardfranceplz:
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